VasoPrep Surgical (VPS) is a privately held medical device company focused on preservation of the structure and function of autotransplanted veins used in peripheral vascular bypass/reconstruction and coronary artery bypass surgeries.

Vein graft failure remains a significant unmet medical need in peripheral and coronary artery bypass graft surgeries, and leads to heart attacks and deaths, representing a large and unnecessary burden on the healthcare system.

The Company has developed a proprietary vein preparation kit based on technology from Vanderbilt University. This technology is designed to standardize vein graft preparation while maintaining and optimizing health of the transplanted vein.

VPS has assembled an experienced management team to develop and commercialize its products, operating in a virtual, highly capital-efficient model.

In addition to its seasoned board of directors, VasoPrep Surgical has brought together a world-class scientific advisory board of vascular and cardio-vascular surgeon advisors and collaborators to support the development of its products.

The VPS products are protected under an exclusive license from Vanderbilt University. The exclusive license covers intellectual property including methods, kits and devices, with patent filing priorities from December 2009 (US Patent. No. 8,691,556 B2).

VPS continues to build its patent estate around and beyond the initial core Vanderbilt concepts.


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